Tell us your stories!
Why do I need to do this? 
One of the greatest things artists do is tell stories. Big stories, small stories or even just views of the world - stories are important. It's important to our patrons that you reveal a little bit about yourself. But not too much, because everyone needs their own little secrets ;)
Whether the stories are about your artwork, your journey to becoming an artist, or even just little poems, we want you to open your heart a bit to the world. It's not just about your artwork, it's about you - people want to engage with you as a person because you're fascinating in your own way and people want to hear about it!
Please note: We will review your stories, please try to avoid anything overtly religious or political if possible. 
The more stories that you send us, the greater the possibility is that we will license your artwork with Aim & Engage.
We need stories in three categories: 
- 25 words or less. 
- 75 words or less. 
- 250 words or less. 
The reason for these categories is that there are size issues with the merchandise and we want to make sure that the stories are legible. Some stories may be reviewed for spelling and grammar errors. Any international stories will be naturally attached to the merchandise, and an English translation will be attached separately. 
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